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UniCredit Bank was established by merger of UniCredit Zagrebačka banka and HVB Central Profit Banka on March 4th 2008. With the total assets exceeding BAM 3.7 billion, capital of  BAM 523,5 million and more than 900,000 clients, the Bank now operates via the network of 87 branches, covering the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which makes UniCredit Bank available to every client, in all major cities and towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina. UniCredit Bank is now able to offer its clients more than ever before, because its success is based on a continuous improving of service quality and product design according to requirements of the developed financial market, whereas it always focuses on a client in its daily operations.

UniCredit Bank d.d. was the first bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has introduced a unique service model of client-oriented approach whose main characteristic is that the overall business operations of the Bank are based on client segmentation (existing and new clients) according to which business lines are organised, focused on meeting client needs tailored to their capacities and requirements.
UniCredit Bank business model is characterised by the client segment approach, in the way that there are clusters of clients with similar features, preferences and market position, to whom particular service models are assigned for every such identified business lines, with specially trained and appointed personal banker or relationship manager.
With this kind of organisation and staff training, UniCredit Bank is able to recognise needs and meet expectations of its clients – both legal entities and private persons.
Only the best is good enough for UniCredit Bank clients:           
  • Leader in Retail Banking:
    • Market leader in cards and deposits
    • Alternative distribution channels
    • Best products and services
    • E-banking
    • M-banking
    • Expert advice
  • The best partner for BH companies. 45.000 legal entities take UniCredit Bank as their partner for all financial services:
    • One stop shop
    • Solutions tailored to clients' needs
    • Knowing local markets across Europe
    • Access to 22 markets across Europe
    • Integrated service for cross-border clients (standardised access to international markets within UniCredit network)
    • Group expertise
    • Guarantees
    • Investment banking
    • Project financing
    • Leasing

  • The easiest way for clients to access international capital markets:

UniCredit Bank as a custodian who executed the first custody transaction in history of BH capital market
Custody services/ products
Depository services/ products
Financial Markets Sales/Trading Desk services for banks, institutional investors and corporate clients


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